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A heartfelt tribute to my dear friend and colleague Joanne Shenandoah, who sadly passed away in November of 2021. This piece combines two of her most popular songs, played on Native American flute.

Deep, ambient space music from a concert with Paul Temple on Tibetan Bowls & James Marienthal playing a variety of cedar flutes. Recorded live at Double Rainbow Ranch in Boulder, CO on 11/12/2021.

James with Cypress Dubin at Key Tea, San Rafael, CA  11/3/2018

To The Earth · Mysteries of the Night featuring James Marienthal and Sarah Gibbons

Some happy flute improv in the Western Colorado Canyon country

"Garza Sunset" music with James - original composition performed by James on high D minor Native American flute at Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica  12/10/2018

"The Tank" - In 2013 I had the privelege to visit and play music in one of th emost amazing sound chambers in the world. The Tank, as it is known, is located in Northwest Colorado, in the small town of Rangely.

Nick's International Virtual Garage Concerts, recorded in Boulder, Colorado on 10/15/2021

Concert Highlights from 9/29/2020

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