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Tender spirituality as a result of knocking on heaven's door and waiting for a whispered reply...


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Flautist James Marienthal recorded Alive Inside the Tank there with Mysteries of the Night, his duo with vocalist and percussionist Sarah Gibbons, and the group released the album on Silver Wave Records, a Boulder Grammy-winning Native American and new-age imprint he founded in 1986.


The Silver Wave record label has been on the cutting edge of New Age instrumental music since the early 1990s. Recorded live in mid 2017 at the Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado, Alive Inside The Tank is the perfect showcase for the sonically pleasing sound of Mysteries Of The Night. Essentially, a duo project by long time flute / wind player James Marienthal and percussionist / vocalist Sarah Gibbons, the hour long, 15 track CD is the perfect sonic antidote for stress in these troubling times.

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From one of the most storied labels in the history of New Age/Native American music, Silver Wave, comes a recording that epitomizes the term "haunting." Mysteries of the Night are James Marienthal (flutes and percussion) and Sarah Gibbons (vocals, hand drums, percussion). Their album was recorded inside "The Tank" (Center for Sonic Arts). Truly amazing sounds flow throughout the recording due to the reverberations which occur when Marienthal's flutes and Gibbon's wordless vocals rebound off the walls of this cavernous structure. Ethereal, mystical, yet also primal at times, you simply have to hear this album. My words cannot do it justice. A must-have album!



Extraordinary music appears on the album Alive Inside the Tank by Mysteries of the Night. It is the sounds of Native American wood flute, percussion, and vocalizations recorded inside one of the most unique sound chambers in the world - a giant empty steel tank in Colorado. Flutist James Marienthal went inside and sent hauntingly beautiful flute notes into the dark void around and above him, and those notes floated against the walls and spiraled upwards and twisted and turned and came back to him so that he could add more notes to the mix. Sarah Gibbons, added percussion and vocalizations. The music is ethereal, echo-laden, spiritual, meditative, magical, and absolutely amazing.

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Watch James's interview on the Jay Winter Nightwolf Live on Youtube.


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